University of Technology (Yatanarpon Cyber City) namely UTYCC is a speedy developing learning community that has been recognized as one of the most Myanmar’s technological institutions of higher education. Although it is founded in 2010, UTYCC becomes very well-known both locally and globally within a short period of time.

There are four main faculties in our university: Faculty of Information & Communication Technology, Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Faculty of Precision Engineering and Faculty of Materials Engineering. As UTYCC intends to foster best knowledge and bright future with the high level of innovation, many talented students are interested in it and enroll every year. The sports and recreation activities throughout the academic year are also one main attraction for the new students. The university is located in the best climate area.

As an international collaboration program, UTYCC is a member institute of ASEAN Cyber University Project. E-learning center was established with the assistance of Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) in July 2012. Since then, online contents are being developed every academic year. Moreover, there is Double Master Degree Program with University of Miyazaki, Japan. In order to achieve the work readiness skills of the students, the university provides internship programs for the students with the link of industry partners and collaborates with Mekong Skills to work USAID Project.


  • Create the graduates with the highest personals and professionals standards
  • Set quality teaching, learning and research environment to keep up with the dynamic changes; education and social transformation
  • Promote the rank of university
  • Make excellence contribution to country and society
  • Pioneer in cyber education


  • Estate of standard science, technology & engineering education which nurture students with intellectually, socially and personally enabled to sustain and develop the Society.

4 Faculties and 5 Academic Departments

  • Faculties
    • Faculty of Information and Communication Technology
      • Department of Information Science
      • Department of Computer Engineering
    • Faculty of Electronics Engineering
    • Faculty of Advanced Material Engineering
    • Faculty of Precision Engineering
  • Departments
    • Department of Myanmar
    • Department of English
    • Department of Engineering Mathematics
    • Department of Engineering Physics
    • Department of Engineering Chemistry
  • QMS Department
  • IR Department
  • Learning Center
    • ASEAN Cyber University Project e-learning Center
    • Mekong Learning Center (USAID COMET)

Academic Calendar

International Collaboration

  1. Student dispatch program with Asia Institute of Technology (AIT) (in process)
  2. Member of ASEAN Cyber University (ACU) Network
  3. MoU with Seoul Cyber University, Korea
  4. Online Lecture Sharing Program with Hanoi University of Science & Technology (Vietnam)
  5. Online Lecture Sharing Program with National University of Laos (Laos)
  6. Online Lecture Sharing Program with Institute of Technology Cambodia (Cambodia)
  7. MoU with MJIIT, Malaysia (in process)
  8. Collaboration with UN-APCICT for ICTD Primer Series
  9. KOV dispatch program with KOICA
  10. State University of MAKASAR (MoU)
  11. Politeknik Negeri Jakarta (MoU)
  12. SMK Negeri 2 Yogyakarta (MoU)
  13. Islamic Campus of Software Development and Networking (MoU)
  14. Pekisi Input Serang(MoU)
  15. Double Degree Program with Miyazaki University, Japan (MoU)
  16. Collaboration UN/APCICT in the development of ICTD Primer Series
  17. Mekong Skills to Work Project with USAID
  18. Chosun University of Korea
  19. MoU with University of Okayama, Japan (in process)

Degree Offered

Information and Communication Technology
  • B.E (Information Science and Technology)
  • B.E (Computer Engineering)
  • M.E (Information Science and Technology)
  • M.E (Computer Engineering)
  • Ph.D (Information Technology)
Electronic Engineering
  • B.E (Electronic Engineering)
  • M.E (Electronic Engineering)
Precision Engineering
  • B.E (Mechanical Precision and Automation)
  • M.E (Mechanical Precision and Automation)
Advanced Materials Engineering
  • B.E (Materials and Matellurgy)
  • M.E (Materials and Matellurgy)

No. of Students in each Faculty (2019-2020)

Total Students: 1435

Information & Communication Technology: 696

Electronic Engineering: 318

Advance Materials Engineering: 192

Precision Engineering: 229

No. of Students in each Academic Level (2019-2020)

Total Students: 1435

Undergraduate: 1375

Master: 42

Ph.D (IT) (Course Work): 18

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